March 2018

Spring Greetings of the New Year and season! What a wonderful February we had with a mix of mild temps and lots of good soaking rains to make up for the water deficit of last year. Thankfully the precipitation did not present itself in frozen form and hopefully it will not snow this month as well.

This being 2018, marks my 30th year of operation as this company, all in thanks to you the client and my loyal employees of so many years. Most of the employees have been with me for 20 and 25 years now.

With such a momentous occasion it seems fitting that we had the fortune of the project of my career last year. After weeks of designing the residential landscape near Glen Echo we were contracted to perform the construction of an arbor, patio, walls, and walkway. Needless to say it kept us busy most of the summer and then we finished off the design with autumn plantings of colorful perennials and evergreens. The clients and I both are very pleased with the end product and outcome.

With normal to swinging temperature changes, but dry conditions at the end of last year, the leaf collections went very quickly to the point that the county was never delayed and often premature in vacuuming the streets, making it difficult to keep up with them. Some of the severe temperature drops caused many trees like Crepemyrtle and Japanese Maple to still hold on to their leaves to this very day! So there will be some leaf cleanups this month along with dead-heading of grasses and pruning of roses.

Please call right away to get on our spring mulching schedules. Lawn cuttings will begin in April. In efforts to reduce lawn weed populations I encourage you to have us sow grass seed spring, summer and fall. The thicker and denser your turfgrass stand is, the less chance weed seeds have to propagate.

Once trees have completed their spring flowerings we will begin cleaning gutters, however we are reducing the amounts of high ladder climbing even further, so please check to see if we can still serve you. Let me know if you have any drainage or grading concerns around your foundations. Some fine tuning there, is always easier and less expensive than dealing with a wet basement.

Summer is a great time to find me more available to design and strategize for the autumn planting season. Summer is also when we perform most of our hardscape works of brick, stone, and timber construction projects of patios, retaining walls, and walkways. Please call now to get on our schedules.
Thanks again very much for your continued patronage and helping us to reach the 30 year mark !
Here is hoping to see you in the garden soon.

Greenest wishes,
Douglas Vann, President