September 2017

Autumnal Greetings !

Another strange year it has been again. While we started off with a very dry fall and then even drier spring, summer came along and brought us more than enough rain to negate any deficits. Better late than never they say. Then August ended on low notes of overnight temperatures in the sixties!

As suspected, Montgomery County’s attempted ban of lawn pesticide use was struck down by the county’s circuit court. An appeal or another attempt will likely be forthcoming. In the meantime we will continue our chemical free efforts of crowding out pesky weeds with full and dense turfgrass stands. Now is the optimum time to repair and perform heavy overseedings to help thicken up your lawn areas.

We have had a busy summer implementing a design I had created over the winter. Weeks of patio and retaining wall work are now leading to the planting portion of the project coming later this month. Fall is a great time to get your trees and shrubs planted with soils being warm and rains more plentiful. Plants are now more focused on root development. Don’t forget about bulbs and perennials too. Call me now to discuss which plantings would best add beauty, purpose and value to your landscaped home.

Leaf movements to the streets for county collections will begin next month and continue on into December. Rates for each of these movements are generally anywhere from one to six times the lawn cutting charges based upon volume and condition of the leaves at time of needed movement. Larger properties with more trees and less lawn can be the exceptions. Call if you would like estimations.
I always suggest composting or even mulching with your leaves. Hauling them away is another option.

Once leaves are all down our gutter cleaning operations will begin in November. If you are aware of blockages or drainage issues before then please call for an earlier service visit. I always suggest walking around your property during a moderate rain event. You may be surprised with what you witness.

The winter months ahead are a great time to find me more available for design process projects. Please take a look at the website’s “before and after” photos to see what we might do for you and your home. Remember the landscape is literally a growing investment when planned and done right. 2018 will be my 30th year in business all thanks to you! Be on the lookout for celebratory specials next year. Presently we are already planning for next summer’s hardscaping projects of brick, block, stone and timber.

Here’s hoping to see you in the garden before the holidays. Thank you again for a busy 29th year of work.

Greenest wishes,
Douglas Vann, President