March 2017

Spring greetings of the new year in winter! I hope this letter finds you enjoying the unusually warm temperatures for this time of the year. January brought much needed rain and no snow to speak of!

At this rate we will be out and about very soon to do spring cleanups of leaves and branches; deadheading of grasses and perennials; pruning of roses and deadwood. Last year’s leaf cleanups were not too interrupted so this year’s spring cleanups should be nominal in costs.

Please call right away to get on our mulching lists so to be scheduled promptly and before weeds get a chance to reproduce. Please ask about other methods of garden bed weed prevention.

Lawn cuttings will begin in April and continue on an as needed basis. As you should know I have removed all lawn chemical and pesticide activities from our service schedules for various reasons. Montgomery County will be attempting to ban pesticides next year so I am happy to have gotten away from these practices and all of their regulations. If you have not contracted with a lawn chemical company or wish to be pesticide free please consult me regarding chemical free options. Getting down grass seed a few times throughout the year is a great way to thicken up lawns and discourage weeds for germinating. In shadier areas it may be time to switch to another type of ground cover or plantings. With the abnormally mild winter we will have to be on the lookout for more weeds and insects too.
Gutter cleanings will take place in late spring after trees have completed their reproductive cycles and finished dropping flowers and seeds. Contact me right away if you notice blockages or water near your foundations. Drainage correction is less expensive than getting basements sealed and waterproofed.

Ask to see photos for recent hardscape projects and review the website of our before and after pictures. Summer is a great time for projects of brick and stone or timber construction. Summer is also a good time to find me more available for design process in preparation for autumn plantings. With the soils warmed and rains more prevalent then it truly is the right time for planting especially with trees and shrubs more focused on root development and establishment. Bulbs and perennials do best then also.
Here is hoping to see you in your garden this year, our 29th year in business thanks to you!
No price increases are intended or forecasted at this time!
Green Wishes,

Greenest wishes,
Douglas Vann, President